Fitbit Alta HR – Alta with Heart Rate Monitor feature

In the previous post, I had said that I was satisfied with the Fitbit Alta as a new Fitbit’s product generation, since it has the better slim band and fashion style, compared to the Charge series.

I do the workout with my Alta device pretty effectively now. I had just given birth to a baby so need to lose some weight, and it’s in-progress properly. My Alta helps me well in measuring the steps, distance, sleeping template, active minutes, calculating the calorie burned as well as smart tracking. I also love the friendly way it reminds me not to be inactive in a long time period but should stand up and start moving around to achieve at least 250 steps an hour. Hence, I can have a plan for the right amount of moving, without worrying about some other problems often occur to the officer.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker
4.0 out of 5 stars rate
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One more thing that I like about my device is the notification raising due to the calls and messages from my cellphone. I can avoid missing so many calls in this way when being at home, just leave my cellphone in one room and it will notify you right on your wrist (vibration and caller ID displaying) in the other rooms, as long as it is kept connecting together with Bluetooth turned on on smartphone. That’s only my opinion, you can forget it when looking for a fitness tracker since it’s only the extras.

Honestly, after a time of exercising, I found that my needs for Alta also include the Heart Rate Monitor ability. You know, without the Heart Rate Monitor feature, all of the measurement are performed relatively, based on the steps counted, some auto-tracked exercises… But the calorie burned calculation not only be depended on some conditions like that. Let’s imagine, for the same activities, your heart rate can raise up or down differently at a certain time, this can affect directly to your metabolism, so your amount of calorie burned is changed accordingly. That’s the reason why sometimes I still not believe absolutely in tracking the result of my current Alta version. Then I wish my device has the HR feature.

Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker
4.0 out of 5 stars rate
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Today I have found that Fitbit introduced the new version of Alta, with Heart Rate Monitor feature added, that is Alta HR. Awesome, I will take this chance to own the device with all of my current satisfaction, but HR is included as a plus. What’s wonderful if we own a tracking device with elegant and fashion look, the slim band bring the comfortable to the wrist (be compared to the Charge HR version), but the accuracy of tracking is improved as a revolution with Heart Rate Monitor.

But if you are considering to upgrade from your regular Alta to Alta HR, there are some factors needed to be noted. It’s not my matter, some of them even become a plus, but still depend on yours:

  • The charger cable of regular Alta cannot be re-used for the newer HR version.
  • Like its older brother, the HR still be only water-resistant, not waterproof. That means you cannot wear it during swimming or having a bath.
  • The replacement bands of regular Alta can be adapted well with the newer one. In case you own a collection of replacement bands before with the purpose of changing your style every day, so no worry about the reusable. But as I see, the HR band is re-designed with a peg, and reduce the risk of dropping unexpectedly from your wrist.
  • The battery life of HR can last up to 7 days as being introduced by Fitbit. But in comparison to my current regular version, it’s not the very large distance.
  • For the last factor, because HR is the newer version with the HR feature added, its price is a little higher than the previous version. So, if you still feel satisfied with your current one, or if HR is not what you really need in tracking your workout effort, it’s not necessary to upgrade. But, for those who want to buy a new one for the very first time, I definitely suggest that you should choose the HR version.