Best Fitness Tracking Scholarship – 2019

Here at we are passionate about sports but not only that – We also love technology!

Our aim is to help fellow sportsmen (and -women) choose the right equipment to keep track of their sports and sleeping routine. This can be a challenging tasks these days with the wearables market literally exploding over night! Hence we started reviewing devices such as the Fitbit One et al in 2015 and have been adding new models ever since!

Besides sports we are great fans of a good education which puts you on track for a successful life. However, being able to afford that is becoming more and more dificult every year. We, as a team, came to the conclusion that without having had the education and support that we actually go in the past we would be miles away from our current situation in life.

Therefor we are very pleased to announce that in 2018 for the first – but not the last – time Best Fitness Tracking will be giving away a $1,000 scholarship to current or future college / university students!

$1,000 Scholarship for 2018

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Do you Qualify?

  • The competition is open for all students (enrolled in colleges, universities, or are high school seniors) of all ages currently studying in the USA, Canada or Australia
    • Note: If you are currently under 18 years old, make sure to include a written permission from your parents or legal guardian!
  • Be passionate about sports! As this will be about fitness tracking devices, it would be great if you would bring some experience in that field.

How do you participate?

  • All participants will have to send all of the below to [email protected]
    • Full name, address and contact details
    • Proof that they are a student at the time of submission
    • Name of their school
    • Their article (see below for details)
  • The deadline for submission is the 15th of December 2018. Any submissions after that will not be able to take part for 2018!
  • We will pick  the best article by the 23rd of December 2018
  • We will send the funds directly to the winners financial aid department no later than 31st of December 2018

Info about the required article

  • Your article has to be written by yourself (we will check for copyright infractions)
  • Choose one of the topics:
    • “How can technology these days be used to help athletes reach their training goals?”
    • “How do you imagine the development of wearables within the next five years?”
    • “What are the upsides and downsides of increasing digitalization and social media influence?”
  • Your article has to be at least 700 words in length
  • Your article has to be written in English
  • BestFitnessTracker reserves the exclusive rights to publish any of the articles submitted



Please Share this Scholarship with your friends and collegues!



We take the privacy of our applicants very seriously and all information submitted will be used for the sole purpose of deciding the scholarship winner(s).

BestFitnessTracking Site Doesn’t :

  • Require you to pay an application fee or any other monies.
  • Guarantee a scholarship or your money back.
  • Promise to do all the application work for you.
  • Request credit card or bank account information.


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