Moov NOW – What a different type of fitness tracker

With its artificial intelligence software, Moov NOW is probably the most different fitness tracker in the current market. This 2nd generation of MOOV fitness tracker aims to fully enhance an individual’s workout routine with its personalized range of exercise programs and tracking data.

Depending on the activity, this revolutionary fitness accessory can be worn on the wrist or ankle. Aesthetically pleasing, Moov NOW is redesigned to include a breathable and perspiration friendly strap. Its removable batteries can last up to half a year and fitness tracking data is sync to the phone via Bluetooth.


Most fitness enthusiasts cannot tolerate devices that hinder their mobility and flexibility during exercises. Designers of Moov NOW had taken this into consideration and improved its appearance. Moov NOW is significantly lighter and smaller than other fitness trackers. It merely weighs 1.6 ounces and measures 8.9 x 1.1 x 0.3 inches. These dimensions increase an individual’s comfort level during their workout routines.


Moov NOW (2nd Gen)
Moov NOW (2nd Gen)

Moov NOW Personal Coach & Workout Tracker (2nd Gen)
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Despite its small package, Moov NOW is equipped with all the necessary functions of a fitness tracker. What distinguishes Moov NOW as the best fitness tracker is its ability to translate the raw data from each exercise into easily understood statistics for its users to interpret.

With specially customized mobile applications for swimming, boxing, running, timed workouts and cycling, fitness fanatics are able to choose from a variety of ready-made programs.

Most importantly, Artificial Intelligence installed into Moov NOW guides its users throughout their workout phase. Through the encouragement and guidance from the AI, users are more aware of their progression and would be able to achieve their goals more effectively.

The extensive capabilities of Moov NOW have definitely propelled it to the status as the best fitness tracker in the industry. While its competitors struggle to catch up, Moov NOW continues to strive in providing fitness enthusiasts with the best programs available.


  • Guided Workouts

The main factor that distinguishes Moov NOW is its pre-programmed AI. Users are encouraged to set goals and targets before each exercise. The AI will guide users along the way towards achieving their goals. Throughout the process, the AI provides reports so that individuals are aware of their progression. For users who prefer longer moments of solitude, reduced AI interaction is available as well.

  • Customized Mobile Applications

Moov NOW boasts 5 different mobile applications for specific exercises. Cycling, running, swimming, boxing and timed-workouts. These programs were developed with assistance from Stanford University and boast over 200 variations.

  • Tracks movements

Contrary to other fitness trackers, Moov NOW does not calculate the number of steps taken. Instead, it tracks movements and displays the total number of active minutes for each user. Another breakthrough that this device provides is its ability to track 3-dimensional movements. It is able to identify stationary fitness exercises such as boxing or even games like guitar-hero.

  • Plug and play

Simple put on the Moov NOW fitness tracker and get to work. Users only have to install mobile applications on their phone. The Moov NOW shipped to users are ready for use and requires no additional installation or charging.

  • Removable batteries

Moov NOW is designed with detachable batteries that are expected to last up to 6 months. Traditional fitness trackers are bound by the lifespan of their inbuilt batteries. With removable batteries, this problem is eliminated.


  • No screen display and no light alerts

This fitness tracking device is exactly how it looks. A simple strap with an attached tracking device. Users do not have the privilege of a display screen or light alerts. All user interactive is confined to their smartphones.

  • The strap

Designers of Moov NOW had taken the initiative to make the strap breathable and perspiration friendly. However, this poses another issue to fitness enthusiasts. With holes in the strap for better ventilation, it can get caught in obstacles. The hard impact might cause the device to be ripped apart or the strap might be broken. Users should be wary to steer clear of obstacles when equipped with Moov NOW.

  • No heart rate monitoring

As part of its streamlined functions, heart rate monitoring is not included in this fitness tracking device. While it is not a big disadvantage, users who are looking for a more comprehensive device might not be favorable towards this.

  • No steps tracking

This exclusion is the results of Moov NOW’s improved function of motion tracking. Users are tracked based on their movements instead of the number of steps they take. Data displayed will indicate the total number of active minutes.

  • No vibration/alarms

While other fitness trackers have vibrations or alarms to warn users of pending deadlines, Moov NOW does not provide such a function. However, this feature is included in its AI program and is available to users in the form of audio alerts.

Overall Conclusion

With its improved design (in breathable and perspiration friendly strap), extended capabilities, customized mobile applications, and innovative AI program features, high-ability in water-resistant, Moov NOW is easily the best fitness tracker for the swimming and under-water activities available in the current market.

Moov NOW Personal Coach & Workout Tracker (2nd Gen)