Fitbit Surge – The best in Running GPS Units

Fitbit Surge is one of the latest fitness trackers that is packed with features. No wonder, it is known as the Super-watch due to its smart features and functions. There are many things you will love about this product. In fact, users will also be happy with the platform. It goes without saying that this is the best GPS Fitness Tracker of 2019. Now if you are wondering what makes FitBit Surge stand out against the competitors, here are some things you need to check.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch
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Fitbit Surge

A quick look at the design

If you are looking for a beautiful watch, the FitBit won’t live up to your expectations. This watch is not good looking, like other Smartwatches, but it is designed perfectly as a sports watch. If you are a sports freak, then this watch is a must-have. It comes with a similar design to its counterparts but includes stainless steel buckle and elastomeric straps for that perfect fit. This watch is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day and the straps, make sure it stays on the wrist.
Fitbit Surge comes with a square LCD touchscreen of 1.25 inch with a stainless steel body. Apart from this, it includes a clear screen display which is easy to read even in sunlight. For your convenience, there is also a back-light which you can turn off or on when needed. This is extremely useful, especially in very low light areas.
Simply swiping on the touchscreen displays with the daily stats. That’s not all, with every swipe you get each stats such as the heart rate, steps taken, floors climbed, distance traveled, calories burned and more.

Features of FitBit Surge

Heart rate monitoring is one of the key features of this fitness super-watch. Just below the display is the heart rate monitor. This is something that separates Surge from its rivals. It includes Pure-pulse Technology which allows regular heart rate monitoring. Even though the heart rate monitor comes above the wrist, it doesn’t make the watch uncomfortable. The watch also includes two green LED lights that help you detect the pulse and blood volume change. In simple words, if you want an accurate heart rate monitoring, Surge is what you need.

Activity tracking is one of the other features of this fitness watch. Interestingly, Surge does a really good job and doesn’t disappoint you. You can use this watch when running or cycling as it allows GPS connectivity. This means you don’t need to carry your smartphone. Apart from this, you also get to choose from the exercise menu. Some of the exercises included in it are yoga, weights, spinning, elliptical and more. If you thought that was all, there’s more, the Surge monitors all, the heart rate, calories, time. You can also change the options and include other options of your choice.

Sleep tracking is one of the other remarkable features of Surge that deserves a mention. Even though sleep tracking isn’t a sports watch thing, Surge does it with ease. There is a reason for that, sport-watches are never comfortable for wearing during the day and night. The activity trackers are smaller and lighter so it doesn’t disturb you during your sleep. It helps you track the when you were restlessly awake or when you were sound asleep and more.

Some of the other features included in FitBit Surge include music control during phone notification and workouts. Well, it doesn’t work like your smartphone since it is a sports watch. It only displays your incoming calls, messages, missed calls. You don’t get any third party app notification or email notifications. It is a sports watch at the end of the day that allows you to see what’s going on around you but doesn’t allow you to do anything. For instance, you can see who’s calling you, but you cannot answer the call.

The pros
• Works on all smartphones
• Allows heart rate monitoring
• Has a built-in GPS
• Includes vibration for silent alarms
• Features always on display

• Water resistance to 5 ATM (or 50 meters)

The cons
• Bulky and big
• Not suitable for professional athletes
• Accuracy of heart rate monitoring is questionable

Overall, the Fitbit Surge is the best GPS fitness tracker of 2017. It has numerous features included in its slim and well-built body. Even the app and platform of FitBit is interesting that delivers visual data is a very engaging way than most of its rivals. It is one of the highly recommended products for all fitness freaks and sports-watch addicts.
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