Best of Moov in 2019

Moov is one of the smaller companies out there which make fitness trackers these days. Yet they do so very successfully as their design is highly different from the design of others!

Come with us as we check out the latest Moov Products in our daily use reviews below! Their design is very much back to basics but that is actually a plus point in my eyes!

They use heart rate and 3D Movement Tracking in most of their products

Best Moov Products 2019

Moov NOW – What a different type of fitness trackerMoov NOW  - What a different type of fitness tracker

With its artificial intelligence software, Moov NOW is probably the most different fitness tracker in the current market. This 2nd generation of MOOV fitness tracker aims to fully enhance an individual’s workout routine with its personalized range of exercise programs and tracking data. Depending on the activity, this revolutionary fitness accessory ...