Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

The Fitbit One Fitness tracker has all it takes when you are looking for an ideal device to keep check of your daily physical activities, and to monitor your night sleep cycle. This device is conveniently small with features such as Bluetooth syncing, which helps you track your data. The One activity and sleep tracker is designed to sync with over 120+ devices operating on Android, Windows, and iOS. It will help you make healthy living choices by acting upon real-time data which includes; distance covered, calories burned, stairs climbed and how well you sleep at night. It becomes even more interesting when you set goals, view your progress and earn badges all in the aim of staying fit. You can also share your progress with friends and family in order to get extra motivation.

With an increasing demand for fitness and wellness, the major talking point becomes how accurate, efficient and ease of use a particular device may be. The Fitbit One fitness tracker has made enormous steps in bringing all the fitness features together, packed in a small device which is easy to use. Most fitness trackers have issues with usability, especially when it comes to clipping whereby they can be misplaced easily. As for this activity and sleep tracker, major considerations have been made. It is able to sync daily data to your device using the companion app and the information is stored there for you to study and know when change is needed. This sleep and fitness tracker has numerous features which make it stand out from the rest.

Fitbit One activity and sleep tracker
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Features and Advantages of the Fitbit One Fitness Tracker


The Fitbit one provides the highest level of accuracy by tracking your movement such as taking steps, climbing the stairs, distances moved and calories burned. This data is then synced with your devices such as iPhone, Android phone and Windows PC. The daily stats can then be presented in a more interactive manner in the form of graphs and charts to help you track your daily progress.


It is very handy and approximately the size of a small drive, and weighs just a quarter ounce. This makes it easy to wear and carry along with you. You have a few choices on where to wear the Fitbit; on the waist, belt, bra, pocket, chest pocket or wrist. It comes with a firm clip which will keep it in its place as you continue with your daily activities.

App Syncing

This device requires Bluetooth 4.0 to sync automatically and wirelessly to your computer, Android or iPhone device. It is compatible with over 150 devices which makes it easy to use for syncing. Alternatively, if your device cannot sync with Fitbit One, you have the option of syncing data with any other device since it already stores the data for seven days before you can sync. The wireless capability of the One tracker enables it to sync automatically whenever you are 20 feet from your computer.

Monitoring and Progress

The Fitbit One is also a sleep tracker which monitors your sleep habits throughout the night. It tracks your movement and sleep cycle and takes note of the number of times that you wake during the night. This will be helpful in knowing your sleep patterns. It gives you a general idea on your sleeping habits and provides tips for improvement to get the rest that you need. If you want a non-disruptive sleep tracker, then the Fitbit One is all you will need for this with its silent alarm which vibrates gently without making noise that could disrupt your partner.

Wear and water resistant

Many fitness trackers are not water resistant or strong enough to withstand wear. The Fitbit One Fitness Tracker has an improved water resistance which gets you covered in case you forget to unclip it when taking your clothes for laundry. For swimming activities, it has not yet been used for tracking since it only uses a clip function. With the introduction of a wristband, it is probably going to be used to track swimming activities. It is wear resistant and made from strong material to ensure maximum durability.

Display and Interface

It is characterized by a simple interface and display which includes a one-button navigation. It has a screen and indicator lights that displays your daily progress and pops encouraging messages and reminders to keep you going. The simple interface makes it more interactive and easy to use even for beginners.

Battery and Charging

Comes with a rechargeable built-in battery which can last up to 14 days after full charging. To charge it you will require a USB cable. Connect the gold contacts of the cable charger with the battery and then connect the USB to the computer or USB charging device.


  • Uses only a clip function – Users may forget to re-clip after changing clothes or having a bath unlike other trackers which have wristbands that make it easy to remove and wear again
  • Issues of step count when driving – Even when driving, it still processes step count which does not reflect the actual activity. This leads to inaccuracy.


The Fitbit One Fitness Tracker is your ideal choice for physical activity and sleep trackers. It is easy to use and will help you make healthy progress by tracking and syncing your activity information on all your devices. It helps you set goals and follow them with the highest motivation. It can be used by anybody who wants a change of lifestyle for the better.

Fitbit One Activity and Sleep tracker