Misfit Fitness Tracker – Is it good?

Which one is the best Misfit Fitness Tracker? Is it any good? And who is it made for? Does it fulfill your needs or would you need to choose another one?

Find out all of the above and way more in the articles below! We have put for example the misfit shine to the extreme test. Might it be the best activity and fitness tracker out there in 2019?

Misfit company

Misfit as a company was founded in 2011 and is currently owned by the Fossil Group besides wearables they specialize in home automation. Their activity trackers are quite unique in design.

Best Misfit Products

Misfit Shine activity and sleep trackerMisfit Shine activity and sleep tracker

The Misfit Shine is a well-designed activity and sleep tracker that instigates you to live a supplementary active life. Shine emanates a halo of lights which shows an individual’s progress towards his or her daily activity goal while regarding as a fashionable accessory. Shine helps inspires you to reach your ...